Mission for Universal Happiness

Mission for Universal happiness has been founded by M.S.Hitesh Mohan. This social and spiritual organization believes that Mother Nature has provided all the resources needed for the upbringing of every living being who has taken birth on this universe. She is ready to embrace everyone with open arms and ready to provide him all the comfort and happiness he needs. Therefore there is no need for the endless running and leg pulling of each other for seeking health, wealth, happiness and success in life. All that is needed is to approach the Mother Nature in a proper way and follow her path and instructions. M.S.Hitesh Mohan is tirelessly engaged in spreading the message of Mother Nature for the benefit of everyone. His simple teachings will get you health, wealth and success in remarkable short time with ease.

Join ‘Mission for Universal happiness’ TODAY and learn the art of getting happiness and success from M.S.Hitesh Mohan.


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