Books by the Author

The following two books written by M.S.Hitesh Mohan give you an insight into the resources that God and nature have given to humanity for its health, wealth and happiness. By purchasing these books you will help the cause of universal happiness. ‘Mission for Universal Happiness’ needs you active patronage to spread the message of God to humanity.

‘How to Unleash the Hidden Energy within you?’

This practical book of tantra and yoga provides techniques for the cure of various diseases like blood pressure, obesity, allergy, diabetes, asthma and thyroid problems besides an easy way for quick kundalini awakening. Simple methods for mind power and concentration development have also been included in the book. The highlight of the book is the information about various tantric products, mantras and yantras which will be found very helpful for quick solution of mental and health and wealth related problems.

The book elucidates the principles of tantra, mantra and yantra which can bring qualitative change in the man’s life both on physical and spiritual planes. Regular practice of tantra techniques can make a man so powerful that he can any heights he seeks. he gets many siddhis and becomes capable to control even some of the forces of nature.

Book is available at:

 The book is now also available in print at:

 ‘How to cure diseases with Sunlight and Sunlight Therapy?’

This small book gives you an insight into nature’s curative powers. We all know that sun energy is essential for the very survival of every living being. But very few know that Sunlight is also one of the greatest healers. It can cure even the chronic and so called incurable diseases. This books deals about Sunlight medicines, methods to prepare them at home and therapeutic hints about how to use them to cure various diseases. It provides nature’s prescription to cure diseases without any cost.

Book is available at:

 Also Watch out for his upcoming book:

‘An Idea of Success’

This book will be available through Flipkart and Amazon as Paperback and internationally as E-book.




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