My Idea of Astrology

As a student of astrology I am often asked whether the astrological readings are accurate and whether they can be relied upon. My reply is often simple. Astrological reading is both a science and art. Readings are correct till astrology is used only as a science. The moment an astrologer mixes art and psychology with it astrological readings become useless and often self afflicting. Unfortunately, today most of the astrologers are guided by the instincts of becoming famous or by monetary gains and therefore their readings are more aimed to please the client than to bring the real truth.

One of my friends having some personal problems too often prefers to visit the astrologers for seeking their advice and opinions in spite of my strict ‘No’ and every time he comes back he is filled with more negative thoughts. As per law of attraction of Mother Nature, negative thoughts bring in more negative events, circumstances and persons in his life. Positive thoughts are absent and so are good results and people, complicating his problems. Yesterday, he also took me with him to a so called renowned astrologer for getting the astrological readings about the person with whom he is having the problem. The subject is a young male. The astrologer asked some basic questions about the problem and about the person concerned which we replied, little knowing that our answers will be used by him during readings.   This is an example, how astrologers twist the things for their benefit by the use of art and psychology.

The subject is a male. His Kundli is of Kark Lagan with Guru in the Lagna. I should make it clear that Guru in Kark Rashi is in exalted state (i.e.Uchch ka) and therefore becomes more Benefic. The lord of Kark is Moon and is in the Eight House along with Ketu. Here it should also be kept in mind that that Lagnadhipati (in this case Moon) is always beneficial for the subject. Even if it is posted along with some malefic plants it mitigates their bad effects. The Moon is looking at the Second House with ‘Seventh Drishti’. In the Second House, Shani and Rahu are posted. Makar, the Rashi of Shani is in the Seventh House. Another Rashi of Shani, Kumbh is in the Eighth House. Then what should be the analysis of this Kundali?


“ कर्क लग्ने समुत्पन्नो भोगी धर्म जन प्रिय

मिष्ठानपान संयुक्ते सुभग सुजन प्रिय”

This sholka means that the subjects born in Kark Lagna are more inclined towards worldly affairs (Bhogi which is opposite of Yogi), respected by religious people. They are fond of eating sweets, are graceful and good looking (Subhag) and loved (Priy) by people(Sujan). So, overall the subject is a good person but highly emotional and having swinging moods (due to effect of moon). But our gentleman astrologer distorted this shloka to tell all negative things about the subject even disregarding the basic astrological fact that Exalted Guru is in Lagna as a Kendradhipati. This was because he used his psychological instincts to tell what we wanted to hear and not what was correct as per astrological science.

Moon (In the Eight House):

Eighth House tells about longevity, sorrows, disease, obstacles etc. This house is considered best when there are no Grahas in this house. With Ketu and Moon in Kumbh Rasi (Rashi Of Shani) in this house and due to the effect of some other planets (not discussed in this article) in the Kundli it can be easily predicted that the person will suffer from the diseases of throat, urinary troubles and certain degree of depression. But I have said earlier that because Lagnadhipati Moon is in this house, all the troubles will be mitigated. From my experience I have found and as per astrological basics Lagnadhipati never causes harm to the subject and even pacifies other grahas – no matter where it is situated. But our learned astrologer forgot all this to tell the maximum negative things he could tell.

Analysis of the Second House:

The Second House tells us about our family life, our liquid assets etc. and is very important house. If we analyze this house with reference to the Seventh House certain things become clear. The subject is under the Antardasha of Rahu in the Mahadasha of Shani. Shani is the lord of Makar Rashi that is in the Seventh House. This is creating the problems in the marriage and family life. Due to the  planets and Rasis in Eighth House, Seventh House and Second House it can be safely concluded that due to Shani and Rahu his family life is disturbed at present and his financial position is also not good. This will require the following:

  1. Rahu Puja (Done)
  2. Shani Upchaar (Done)
  3. Pritra Dosh Niwaran (Already been done in Gaya)

There is no Kal Sarp Dosh in the Kundli as told by the learned Astrologer because Guru is out of the gambit of Rahu and Ketu. There is nothing like Anshik Kal Sarp Yog in Astrology Texts.

 Another important point for the reference of the readers is that the spouse of the subject is having some Mangal Dosh and is under the Antardasha of Budh (which is in the Seventh House in conjunction of Shani) in the Mahadasha of Ketu. The mind of the spouse is therefore fickle (Asthir and changing). Upchar of Ketu and Budh are absolutely must for the spouse for regaining the marriage bliss. May God come to Help!!!

 From the above detailed analysis it is clear that we should not let ourselves be fooled by astrologers who may exploit your situation for their own selfish ends. Act prudently. The best thing is to be positive and hopeful always. Throw out all the negative thoughts. When Paradise is Lost it is also regained. When Night comes Day is bound to come. Always believe in God. He can do no harm.


About mshiteshmohan

M.S. Hitesh Mohan who is also the founder of "Mission for Universal Happiness" is an engineer by profession. He is himself ardent practitioner of tantra & yoga & has been a guiding source to many in their pursuit to health, wealth & happiness. The author is also a freelance writer.
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